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Over the past four decades, we have been able to pursue LNG business with full sincerity as well as the best performance standards. As a result, expertise has been created in order to meet the needs of clean energy to different countries. We are now known as a world-class energy company. At this time, our high experience and dedication have been based on a genuine and innovative effort for better and more effective change.


Clean energy production (LNG), which is also environmentally friendly, from its inception, has manifestly been produced from a production process with high quality standards from the Badak LNG plant in Bontang. This energy has been used in many countries and domestic needs which have contributed enormously to meet the needs of the stakeholders, both the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the surrounding communities. We are managed by professionals through a clean, efficient, and open working mechanism by consistently implementing Good Corporate Governance.


The best performance as a reliable and safe LNG plant operator for more than forty years continues to be maintained with the determination, professionalism, integrity, image, innovation and management of security, health and environmental aspects as a reference in carrying out all business activities and business activities. This is certainly what makes us always the best in the LNG business world.

The gait and experience of managing this world-class LNG business, in fact, has been passed down to the domestic and international LNG world through LNG learning centers that have successfully educated qualified LNG operators as the main referrals for other LNG businesses. Achievements, praise, and appreciation constantly provided by many parties both domestic and international for the company's performance so far. This puts PT Badak NGL in a respectable position in the world's LNG business arena. The achievements do not make us satisfied; this certainly makes us more serious in continuing the plant operating performance with the best working standards.


This shall never be achieved without the abundance of grace from Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the owner of the universe. With His guidance and love for all the elements in every series of this great effort, we are finally able to perform the mandate well in running this company surely according to the portion of each based on gratitude to Him.


PT Badak NGL


Didik Sasongko Widi

President Director & CEO